National Magazine Features CCEMS Blood Program

The only field blood transfusion program of its type which is being pioneered by Cypress Creek EMS and the ESD 48 Fire Department is the cover story in this month’s EMS World Magazine.

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Speaking of the blood program, we are getting ready to test a new fluid warming system developed in Israel and now used in the field by the Navy Seals, the Israeli Defense Force and the Netherlands military to name a few. Early testing indicates the possibility of more consistent warming of blood products. The product is made by QinFlow and is called “The Warrior.” Opheck Nachshon, a former IDF Medic and QinFlow representative conducted a training session for some of our supervisors today ( March 2). Starting with ice water the fluid was warmed to body temperature in a matter of seconds. It’s an interesting and innovative product which is also being tested by ESD 48 Fire Department/ EMS and Memorial Hermann Lifeflight.