Station 52 Project Updates

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February 3 – Following final approval by the Cypress Creek EMS Board of Directors, the project to build a new Station 52 is underway. The septic tank is being moved, the old parking lot has been removed and site preparation is underway for the footprint new station.

It will be finished when it’s finished. Construction timelines depend on factors like weather and as we learned during the construction of Station 513 timelines can change drastically.

When it is done, it’ll look something like this.


The old Station 52 was torn down due to the upcoming widening of Treaschwig. The new Station 52 and parking lot are being built further back on our property. Since last Summer (2016), Medic 52 has been housed at Spring Fire Department Station Station 73 at 4923 Treaschwig just about a mile down the road. Our thanks to the Spring Fire Department. With any luck and good weather, Medic 52 could be in its new home by Summer of this year (2017).

February 24 – Footer is dug, rebar is unloaded. Concrete can’t be far behind.

February 27 – The foundation is poured.

February 28 – New Foundation dry and shaping the slope of the soil begins.

March 8 – The walls start going up.

March 14 – Bay walls framed, fence posts in, part of parking lot prepared for concrete.

March 15 – Roof Trusses going up.

March 16 – All the trusses are up.

March 20 – Working on the parking lot

March 22 – Wall Sheathing nearly complete. More progress on the parking lot.

March 28 – Tyvek wrap up, back porch roof framing done and prep to pour the rest of the parking lot.

March 30 – Finishing up the parking lot following rain delay on March 29.

April 3, 2017 – More progress on the roof. Parking lot done. Plumbing roughed in. Some siding up.

April 7 – Roof and siding finished.

April 10 – The windows are in.

April 26 – Bay door going up.

April 27 – Bay door done. Paint primer going on.

May 5 – The paint is done.


May 11  – Wiring and Spray Foam Insulation Done. Drywall going up. Brick coming soon.

May 18 – Following the regular monthly ESD 11 meeting, ESD President Tommy Ripley toured the new station with CCEMS Executive Director Brad England. Most of the tape and float is done. Crews are finishing up the drywall in the bay. We’re told that brick goes on this week. Commissioners are now touring facilities on a monthly basis.

May 25 – The brick has arrived

May 30 – The brick is done. Drywall, tape and float almost finished. Interior paint coming up.

June 14 – New Fence completed. Bay drywall nearly done. Living quarters ready for paint. Waiting for power to be hooked up.

June 29 – We have power. Not to the building, yet. But, it’s now wired to the new meter. The cabinets have been installed. Workers are on site wrapping up drywall odds and ends.

July 18 – Inside paint finished. Electrical work done. Tile folks on site betting ready to begin.


July 26 – Over the last week there has been a flurry of activity at the Station 52 construction site. Concrete floors have been polished, bedrooms are finished, bathrooms are nearly done, shore power is hooked up. Crews are working on everything including the kitchen sink. MOST importantly, the air conditioning is installed and working. Stay tuned for information on the actual opening of this replacement station. To see what it took to get to this point in pictures and video click here.


Following the regular monthly meeting of the Emergency Services District on Thursday, August 17, ESD 11 President Tommy Ripley toured the new station with CCEMS Executive Director Brad England.


Following the final walk-through on Monday, August 21 crews began moving into the new station 52 at 3308 Treaschwig Rd.

While the old station was torn down and the new one was built medic 52 crews have been bunking at Spring Fire Department Station 73 just down the road. The first crew to work out of the new station and spend the night was in charge paramedic Paola Arias and EMT David Garcia. Here are their first impressions of the new 52.