First Public Bleeding Control Class a Success

For years, CCEMS Tactical Medics have been teaching Bleeding Control (B-Con) skills to police officers and firefighters. The reason is that sometimes they arrive first on a trauma scene such as a multiple vehicle accident and time is critical with severe bleeding. A patient can bleed out and die in less than 5 minutes and our average response time, while considered excellent, is 8 minutes. Now, manufactured tourniquets are carried in many fire trucks and police cars.

But before ANY first responder arrives there are always bystanders (potential immediate responders) on the scene (like the people who call 9-1-1). The next logical step was to teach these skills to the public and make the training as commonplace as CPR training (we offer that, too).

On January 3rd, Cypress Creek EMS in partnership with the South East Regional Advisory Council (SETRAC) provided its first ever Bleeding Control class to the general public and it was a tremendous success.  Yesterday (Jan 3), we posted an announcement for our second class on January 19th. Within 90 minutes the class was full. We doubled the size of that class and it was full again in 45 minutes. Stay tuned for more classes in the future. They are announced on Nextdoor and Facebook. Please, like our Facebook page at

The free two-hour training course provides lifesaving tools for car wrecks, shootings, stabbings, industrial and home accidents such as a fall or severe cut from a power tool. The injured person you save could be a loved one, a neighbor, a stranger or even yourself. Until Helps Arrives, YOU ARE THE HELP. Knowing how to use a tourniquet, and stop bleeding by packing a wound and applying pressure saves lives. AND, now CCEMS is one of only two ground EMS systems in the country that carry and transfuse blood products in the field (both packed red blood cells and fresh plasma). Read more about that here.

Here are some pictures from our first public class and a train the trainer class held earlier in the day for medical professionals. Scroll down to read the rest of the story.

Earlier in the day, we held a train the trainer class for medical professionals who want to be Bleeding Control Instructors. In partnership, with SETRAC (South East Texas Regional Advisory Council) we’ve now trained more than 200 instructors. Although, CCEMS has been teaching these skills for years to police officers and firefighters we are now taking part in a national campaign called Stop The Bleed which is endorsed by the White House and the Department of Homeland Security and was first suggested by the Hartford Consensus. That group was founded after the tragedy at Sandy Hook to look for ways to give victims of active shooter situations a better chance of survival. Dr. John Holcomb of the Memorial Hermann Red Duke Trauma Institute is a member of the Hartford Consensus and he addressed the medical professionals at the beginning of the train the trainer session. In recent years, CCEMS has been providing this training to school distict nurses, police officers, bus drivers and coaches. we’ve also taught administrators and teachers these skills.



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