CCEMS Trains Klein Fire Dept to “Stop the Bleed”

On Monday Evening, December 19, Cypress Creek EMS Tactical Medics trained more than 60 Klein firefighters how to stop severe bleeding with manufactured tourniquets and proper wound packing techniques. Since firefighters are called to vehicle accident scenes to extricate victims they are sometimes first on the scene. Now, they are trained to take action and Stop the Bleed while a CCEMS ambulance is on the way. All Klein Fire Trucks will now be supplied with Combat Application Manufactured Tourniquets.

The Klein firefighters learned to apply tourniquets to themselves and each other.

Since a person with a severely compromised artery can bleed out and die in as little as three minutes time is of the essence, so drills are timed. LEFT LEG. 60 SECONDS.

For self-application, the target time is 20 seconds since a person can pass out due to severe blood loss shortly after that.

But, tourniquets are only good for limbs so good wound packing skills are critical.

Some of the Klein Firefighters are also EMTs and some have made the commitment to become instructors.

For many years, Cypress Creek has been providing this training to first responders such as firefighters and police officers. Many area police officers now carry a tourniquet on their gun belts. CCEMS has trained every police cadet class at the University of Houston-Downtown since 2013. That’s 480 cadets a year or 1440, so far.

Now, CCEMS is taking the next logical step by training the public as part of the national Stop the Bleed campaign endorsed by the White House and the Department of Homeland Security. The very first people on the scene of an accident, shooting or stabbing are ordinary citizens that, if trained, can act as immediate responders to stop bleeding while an ambulance is on the way.

In conjunction with the South East Texas Regional Advisory Council (SETRAC), CCEMS has trained approximately 200 trainers who are now ready to teach the skills to the public in an effort to make Bleeding Control (B-Con) training as commonplace as CPR training and wall mounted B-Con kits as ubiquitous as AEDs.

To that end, CCEMS and SETRAC have been training the school nurses in area school districts in the state of Texas, including Cy-Fair, Katy, and New Caney. Other districts have scheduled training in the near future.

Cypress Creek EMS is the only ground system in the country that carries packed red blood cells and fresh plasma and transfuses those blood products in the field. For more information on the Cypress Creek program click here.