Texas is #1 in Fried Turkey Fires

This is an actual headline from the Wall Street Journal: In Thanksgiving Day Cooking Fires, Texas is Tops.

The source of that information is State Farm Insurance. The reason for all the Thanksgiving cooking fires is that we Texans love us some deep fried turkey. It stands to reason that if we lead in Deep Fried Turkey Fires, we also lead in injuries from those fires. So, maybe a few safety reminders are in order.

Here’s a cool safety video by State Farm Insurance featuring William Shatner. He has a personal reason for making this video. Yep, Captain Kirk once burned himself making deep fried turkey and nearly burned his house down.

So, please follow these tips, be careful and Don’t Make Us Come Get You!

Don't Make Us Come Get YouIf you’d like to read the Wall Street Journal Story on Texas’ Terrible Turkey Track Record Click Here. Unfortunately, the story is behind a pay wall, so you won’t be able to see more than the headline and a couple of sentences unless you are a WSJ subscriber. Here’s an older story on the same topic from the Houston Chronicle. Read Story.

For a list of the tips click here.