CCEMS & ESD 11 Invest $1.5 Million Locally

Cypress Creek EMS and Harris County Emergency Services District 11 (ESD 11) and  have teamed up to modernize the ambulance fleet while infusing more than $1.5 million dollars into the local economy.  ESD 11 is spending $990,400 on 6 Frazer Ambulances and CCEMS is spending $485,200 for 3 new units. The total, $1,475,600 is being spent with Frazer, a nationally recognized manufacturer headquartered in Bellaire, Texas.

The purchase was approved unanimously by both the CCEMS Board of Directors and the ESD 11 Board of Commissioners  , ushering in a new era of transparency and cooperation.

The first unit to go into service went to Medic 53. The second one to Medic 56. Since the units are considerably different that the Brauns, Maintenence Manager Tony Ghourley gave the crews a brief tour. EMT Austin Langeland, Paramedic Christopher Moore and Volunteer EMT Terry Bush received the first briefing.

The markings on our vehicles are produced and expertly applied to the ambulances by On Site Decals of Stafford, Texas.  Our radios for the new units are purchased from Northwest Radio. Adding up all the local impact comes to just over $1.5 Million.

The old Braun units have served us well for more than a quarter million miles each, but over the summer air conditioning breakdowns, and therefore truck swaps, became commonplace. The Frazers have very robust air conditioning units as this mystery patient can attest.


Hmmm, those shoes look somewhat familiar.

Medic 56’s new Frazer is also now in service.

Once all of the new Frazers are in, CCEMS will have a total of 13 counting the 4 units CCEMS bought last year. Many of the old Brauns will be sold, but some will be kept as backup units.