Staff Applauds CCEMS Founders and New ESD Commissioners

[Watch video below of Cypress Creek’s Co-Founders talking about how it all began 41 years ago]

Following the August meeting of Emergency Services District 11, community leaders attended a meet and greet with newly elected commissioners Tommy Ripley and Robert Pinard and newly re-elected commissioner Karen Plummer along with Commissioners Fred Grundmeyer and Lynn LeBouef. Cypress Creek EMS Co-Founders Cliff and Kati Woodward were among those in attendance.

Following the reception the commissioners and the Woodwards were introduced to the entire staff of CCEMS, including both paid employees and volunteers.

The staff greeted Co-founders Cliff and Kati Woodward with cheers and a standing ovation. They were introduced by Operations Supervisor Jeff Taylor. They told the story about how CCEMS began with the death of one of their neighbors, a 48-year-old man who died of a heart attack waiting on a private ambulance. Here’s a video of the Woodwards’ comments.

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