Annoying Back Seat Drivers Being Upgraded

Several installers from Zoll are in Spring to upgrade our entire fleet from the Road Safety 3000 to the Road Safety 4000. The 4000 is the same type of blue box that was installed in the Frazer Units CCEMS bought last year. The new units promise to be more reliable and more annoying (in a positive, back seat driver kind of way).

The units are a little like the black boxes in airplanes. Those, of course, are really orange. Our new ones are blue.  Anyway, they monitor speed, braking, acceleration, and cornering. If pre-set limits are exceeded the driver is warned by a series of clicks and tones that won’t shut up until the driver is back within safety limits.

In the Frazer units, the boxes really are in the back seat.

In the Brauns, the blue boxes are installed under the passenger seat.

Zoll 8

The on-board Road Safety 4000 units will constantly compare the driving dynamics of our drivers to preset parameters for emergency and non-emergency driving. The limits automatically change from non-emergency to emergency when the lights and siren are activated. The system warns drivers when they are exceeding the limits, by emitting an annoying series of clicking sounds and tones. This reinforces the extensive training each driver receives before they ever hit the road in a Cypress Creek vehicle. Driver training involves 8 hours of classroom training, 4 hours of proficiency training on a closed driving course and then 72-hours on the job, monitored by a trainer.

CCEMS Drivers are trained to National Standards established by VFIS

CCEMS Information Technology Manager Toivo Sari says, “The warnings are like a continuation of driver training since the system constantly reminds our employees about safety in real time.” But Sari adds, “For those who might ignore the warnings, our electronic back seat driver will recommend additional driver training.”

Staying within the preset limitations could also help save money on fuel and maintenance. Other benefits of the technology include a more comfortable ride for our patients and increased safety for our neighbors who share the road with us.

The Zoll Installers will be working out of our maintenance department until all units are switched out and tested in our current vehicles. They’ll return when we’ve received all 9 of the new Frazer ambulances to handle the installation on those.