New Medics Learning to Drive Ambulances


They grow up so fast, don’t they? Yeah, before you know it they are asking for the ambulance keys.

Yes, the New Hire Academy driving training has moved from the classroom to the parking lot and the traffic cones are nervous. Very nervous.

Scraping a cone is the real world equivalent of scraping the side of someone’s car or hitting an apartment gate. So, of course, it’s much better to make mistakes in training than in the real world. Not to mention the fact that they are driving something that costs as much as a Ferrari.

It’s a skill that needs to be mastered before hitting the streets, as is serving as the “backer” and helping your partner back into parking spaces, station bays, etc. without hitting anything.

All kidding aside, the new medics did pretty well. Here’s a video to prove it.

After spending a week in the New Hire Academy at the CCEMS Education Center, new medics begin supervised on-the-job-training before we set them loose. There are 12 EMTs and 1 Paramedic in the latest class. They are ( in alphabetical order) Felix Castillo, Monique Denney, Jacob Flarida, David Garcia, Lorena Martinez, Heather Neinast, Marlon Reyes, Jeremy Sager, Greg Savage, James Sherman, John Taylor, Brent Thompson and Franklin Wilson. Welcome to the Cypress Creek EMS Family.

New Hire Academy Class Crop

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