CCEMS Ranks 1st in Patient Satisfaction Survey


A survey based entirely on patient feedback ranks Cypress Creek EMS # 1 among similar-sized agencies with an overall patient satisfaction score of 96.44%. The report covers the second quarter of 2016 (April 1 to June 30).

Report Cover

Nationally, 121 EMS agencies participate in the quarterly survey. Eleven of those EMS systems are in Texas and 4 are in the greater Houston Area.

Surveys are sent out with ambulance bills, giving patients the chance to provide anonymous feedback. Patients are asked to rank everything from the dispatchers that took their call, to their interaction with the medics to their experience with the billing process.  The results are compiled into a report 4 times each year.

Cypress Creek’s highest scores were for:

  • Skill of the medics (98.73%)
  • The extent to which our staff eased the patient’s entry into the medical facility (97.76%)
  • Medic’s concern for the patient’s privacy (97.76%)
  • Cleanliness of the ambulance (97.64%)
  • The extent to which medics included the patient/family in the treatment decisions (97.4%)

The biggest drivers of patient satisfaction include:

  • The extent to which we included patients/families in treatment decisions
  • The extent to which we cared for patients as a person
  • How well we did working together to care for the patient
  • Degree to which we relieved the patient’s pain or discomfort
  • The extent to which we kept the patient/family informed about their treatment

The responses to each question are compared to the average of all 121 EMS systems in the report. Those agencies use the quarterly reports to gauge how they are doing and see where they need to make improvements.

In every category, CCEMS scored higher than the database average. Even our lowest scores where in the 90s and were all higher than the average score of all the EMS systems in the survey.

Cypress Creek EMS Executive Director Brad England said, “While we are pleased with the latest report, there is always room for improvement which is why we subscribe to the quarterly survey and track the results.”

Here are the results of the entire survey showing the CCEMS scores compared to the average in the database of all 121 EMS Systems.

Read Patient Survey Results (6 Pages)

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