ESD 11 Election Results

Thanks to everyone who participated in the ESD 11 election during Early Voting and on Election Day (May 7) to elect three ESD commissioners. The top three vote-getters were elected.

Incumbent ESD 11 Commissioner Karen Plummer had the largest vote total, followed by Tommy Ripley and Robert Pinard.


ESD 11 Commissioners-elect Karen Plummer, Tommy Ripley, and Robert Pinard

Ripley and Pinard will replace Incumbent Commissioners Kevin Brost and Robert Berleth

Here are the results and the break-out totals for Early Voting and Election Day. As in all general elections, these totals are unofficial until the votes are canvassed and declared official. The results were made official on May 18, 2016. Some provisional ballots were allowed. The new totals are listed below after “Amended Official Count.” The newly elected commissioners will be sworn in on June 9 at 9 a.m. at the CCEMS Education Center at 7111 Five Forks, 77379.

Karen Plummer – 2301 Amended Official Count is 2318

Tommy Ripley – 1828 Amended Official Count is 1844

Robert Pinard – 1465 Amended Official Count is 1479

Matt Folsom – 1026 Amended Official Count is 1032

Kevin Brost – 1018 Amended Official Count is 1022

Robert Berleth – 1015 Amended Official Count is 1017

Fred Blanton – 677 Amended Official Count is 681