We first started seeing isolated reports of CCEMS Executive Director Brad England making $263,000 several months ago.  None of the people making this claim about his 2014 salary ever asked Brad or anyone at CCEMS if this was true.

 Brad, who has been CCEMS’s Executive Director for 28 years, made $198,581 in 2014.

We found out where the $263,000 number originated.  It was a mistake on the CCEMS 2014 income tax return in which Brad’s salary was added to the Medical Directors Salary.  That mistake has been fixed with an amended return.  CCEMS’s outside accounting firm explains the error here.

Amended 2014 990 Letter

So, the real salary for 2014 was NOT $263,581. It was $198,581. Quite a difference.  Here’s Mr. England’s 2014 W-2 and, in the spirit of transparency, his 2015 form as well.

Brad W2s PS

The increase from 2014 to 2015 is about 3%.

Cypress Creek’s annual budget is about $20 Million. According to a 2010 analysis by Charity Navigator, non-profit organizations with an operating budget of more than $13.5 million paid their CEOs a median of $280,000 per year. Median means half made more and half made less. Mr. England makes $75,773.44 less.

And Once Again, Mr. England’s salary is NOT paid with tax dollars. ESD #11 funds about 51% or the CCEMS budget. When it comes to salaries, tax dollars only pay for “boots on the ground,” meaning the salaries of medics and dispatchers.

We pick up the rest of the tab with funds we raise ourselves, through ambulance fees, tuition in our accredited academy and fees from 15 emergency agencies for which our Communications Center handles 9-1-1 and dispatch.

A press release from a “consultant for hire,” who is employed by unknown people with an unknown agenda, said that Mr. England makes much more than the Harris County Judge Ed Emmett, whose salary is based on the pay of state district judges, made $173,800 in 2014. But, take a look at the salaries of some non-elected county officials. These figures are from 2011.

Executive Director of Harris County Public Health – $297,349.

Deputy Director of Harris County Public Health – $238,173.

Executive Director of Correction Health Services – $251,855.

You have to go farther down the list to find a salary comparable to Mr. England’s.

Assistant Medical Examiner – $204,140.

Those salaries are paid with tax dollars.

Once again, Mr. England’s salary is not.