2016-17 Paramedic Class Begins

The New Cypress Creek EMS Paramedic class is officially underway after being delayed by the flood.  There are 25 students, 19 of which are employed by CCEMS as EMT-Basics. Thirteen of them did their EMT-Basic training at Cypress Creek.


Senior Clinical Supervisor Rob Atripaldi welcomed the class with a dose of reality backed up by statistics.

Make no mistake. This is an extremely difficult class with high expectations. In the last class,  33% did not finish, so the bar on the entrance exam was raised this time around. So, even though this class is starting off smaller in size than the last one, it could actually produce about the same number of graduates as the 2015 class and perhaps more.

The training is intense and challenging and will unfold over the next 13 months. Artful scheduling allows the students to continue working during the training.

Cypress Creek’s educational program is accredited by the Accrediting Bureau of Health Education Schools (ABHES) and has an artriculation agreement with Lone Star College. That means Lone Star accepts CCEMS credit hours.