CCEMS Comm Center Flood Stats

During the historic flood from April 17 to April 20, Cypress Creek EMS opened its Emergency Operations Center which was staffed around the clock in our Communications Center. Our Dispatchers handled hundreds of calls directing resources to people in need while staying on the line to reassure frightened flood victims that help was on the way. There were high water rescues in subdivisions, apartment complexes, businesses and nursing homes. CCEMS Telecommunicators worked around the clock with little or no sleep.


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Here’s a look at what they did by the numbers. CCEMS dispatchers handled 1193 calls. Here’s the breakdown by incident.   (Note: MA is Mutual Aid and HCFMO is the Harris County Fire Marshal’s Office)


We handle 9-1-1 and dispatch for a total of 16 agencies. Most of them were impacted by the flood. Here’s the breakdown by agency. SETRAC is a State agency that provides assistance during emergencies.


Comm Center Manager Niky Smith described the job her staff did this way….”

“I was genuinely impressed by my staff. When the storms started late Sunday night, the crew on duty did a phenomenal job at handling the volume and staying in communication with the affected departments.  Most of these dispatchers had never worked an incident of this magnitude, but you would never have known it. They shined because they truly wanted to help. It didn’t take long for others to come in to relieve the first shift. We then worked out a sleeping/eating schedule so that no one would have to leave. We have an extraordinary group of 911 professionals, from the newest dispatcher to the CTOs (Communications Training Officers) and Supervisors, on up to my management team.  The departments we dispatch for were extremely supportive and communicative.  Everyone did the best they could to help each other through this 500-year event and I could not be more proud. They are all rock stars in my book!”

Meanwhile, out in the field, CCEMS Medics were jumping in to help wherever needed.

Cody in Flood