Is Our Italian Tactical Student Tased and Confused?


Editor Note: The pictures in this article come from several sources. The ordinary ones are at the bottom of this story. BUT, the rest. The ones that look extremely professional are courtesy of Richard Salazar who documented the entire week-long class. Thanks, Sal.

Emergency Room Nurse and Italian Army Veteran Lorenzo Tiraboschi was part of Cypress Creek’s Tactical EMS Class #30. He was put through his paces and pushed to his emotional and physical breaking point.  He’s been run through all kinds of difficult scenarios such as active shooter and mock mass casualty drills, a hostage situation and a meth lab explosion.

He’s been gassed and tased.

AND NOW, he wants more.

Is he Tased and Confused?

Not at all.

He’s driven to bring his home country something he says it does not now have, Tactical Paramedics.

Right now, Lorenzo works in one of the largest Trauma Centers in London, England. More than 5 years ago in his native Italy, a former boss told him about a Tactical EMS class he had taken in Texas held at someplace called Cypress Creek EMS. His boss raved about the quality of training. Lorenzo decided he had to go. Over the years, he saved up for the tuition and the trip and even explored some  classes closer to home.

Based on what he heard and read, he decided that the class in Texas was the most complete. Besides, he’d never been to the U.S. or The Lone Star State.

After taking the class, he’s convinced it was the right decision.

And now he wants to come back and become a certified instructor, so he can teach the skills in his home country. He says “In Italy, we have no Tactical Paramedics but I think we need them.” Lorenzo says they do have something like that in England and other European countries.

Cypress Creek EMS Special Ops Director Wren Nealy is the Program Director of the Tactical EMS course known by the acronym BTOMSC (Basic Tactical Operational Medical Support Course).

Nealy says CCEMS can help Lorenzo reach his goal of becoming a certified instructor.

Lorenzo also wanted to see what level of emergency care was provided by Cypress Creek EMS, so he stayed around for an extra week and rode along with our medics and visited Life Flight.

In the end, Lorenzo says he was very impressed, giving both the training and the level of EMS care provided by CCEMS a solid 10 out of 10 or “maybe 11,” he joked. He even celebrated his 36th birthday here.