Scenes from Tactical Medic Training

Cypress Creek EMS formed one of the nation’s first tactical medic teams in 1996. Members of the elite team provide tactical emergency medical support to local, state and federal law enforcement in high-risk situations including serving felony arrest warrants and they train constantly to provide medical support at the point of wounding in the event of a terrorist attack, an active shooter, a combined coordinated attack or natural disaster.

Members of the CCEMS Team are established experts in the field and provide training to other agencies twice a year at the Cypress Creek EMS Education Center and at a nearby firing range. Medics, some of whom are also firefighters or police officers, come from all over the world for the training.  Participants in the latest class came from as far away as England and Italy and as close by as Montgomery County and Bellaire. Training includes realistic high-stress scenarios that are run during the day and night.

Since the real thing will be intensely stressful, instructors make the training as stressful as possible. Here’s a video example.

Since the Tactical Medics often work with K-9 Officers they also learn basic veterinary first aid in case a police dog is injured and they are trained on how to separate a K-9 from a wounded handler so that treatment of the injured officer can begin. For that part of the training, CCEMS is assisted by K-9 Officers from the Harris County Sheriff’s Office and the Harris County Precinct 4 Constable’s Office. Here’s a video demonstration.

CCEMS Special Operations Director Wren Nealy is the program director and a lead instructor for the twice-yearly training. Nealy was recently named Vice Chair of a council that advises the U.S. Department of Homeland Security on urgent matters of readiness concerning Police, Fire, and EMS. Nealy is also a leading proponent of cross-training police officers and firefighters in such areas as the proper application of tourniquets so that the first responder on any scene from a car wreck to a stabbing or shooting can save the lives of citizens. Read more about that here.