Runner Saved by Precinct 4 Deputy Who Knew CPR

Thanks to a concerned citizen and a Precinct 4 Deputy who knew CPR, a young woman survived a cardiac arrest that happened while she was running in Meyer Park on Easter Sunday.

When the call went out, Medic 59 and Deputy Mark Jenkins Jr. rushed to Meyer Park. Deputy Jenkins was closer and got there first. When he arrived, a lady was performing CPR. Deputy Jenkins took over CPR until the crew of Medic 59 arrived along with a district supervisor.

Precinct 4 Deputy Mark Jenkins, Jr.

Thanks to the efforts of an unknown citizen and Deputy Jenkins, Cypress Creek EMS Paramedic Eric Barnes, EMT Gary Riggan and Supervisor Joel Ocasio where able to quickly restore her heart beat and get her to the hospital.

Although Medic 59’s response time of 5 minutes is considered very fast, it might not have been quick enough to save the young woman. Paramedic Eric Barnes believes the citizen and the deputy saved the patient’s life. That’s why it is so important that as many people as possible know how to do CPR.

Paramedic Eric Barnes

Deputy Jenkins learned CPR in the Police Academy at the University of Houston Downtown.

Cypress Creek EMS teaches advanced first aid, including CPR and the proper use of combat application tourniquets, to every police cadet class at U of H.

Blue Training Tourniquets Applied to Mock Victims During CCEMS Training

Blue Training Tourniquets Applied to Mock Victims During CCEMS Training

This story provides a great example of why it’s important for every first responder to know these life-saving skills, so that whoever arrives first can take immediate action.

Cypress Creek EMS also provides training to the public in first aid, CPR, and the operation of Automated External Defibrillators. There is a fee if you want to be Officially Certified by the American Heart Association, but CCEMS offers classes without certification with no fees under our Friends and Family program. To see the class schedule click here.



CPR re-certification class for medics

We are often assisted by our colleagues at Precinct 4. Here’s another example.