And the Award Goes to……

The Cypress Creek EMS Awards were presented at the Annual Meeting Tuesday Night (March 22). The process began with open nominations from employees. The nominees were then objectively scored by their performance in areas relevant to their positions such as time and attendance, clinical performance, documentation completion, etc.  The awards went to the person in each category with the best overall score.

This year, Clinical Manager Lisa Aulbert and Communications Center Manager Niky Smith introduced a fun new approach to the ceremony by turning the whole thing into an interactive trivia game that everyone could take part in by using their smart phones. Employees guessed the answers to questions such as…Which team delivered the most babies in 2015? The answer was Bill Toucheck and Casey Pruitt pictured here with their awards.


There were some other fun questions and awards such as….Who did  Com Center employees choose as the most supportive person in the field. Well, it was non other than Mr. Creektastic himself, Field Supervisor Joe Kiff. His award describes his daily routine.


Rob Atripaldi was recognized with the Creektastic Award for a very successful Paramedic class, advances in Continuing Education and other improvements in 2015. In his spare time, he also saved the life of a certain Public Information Officer. True Story.


As with any awards ceremony whether it’s the Oscars, the GRAMMY Awards or the Cypress Creek EMS Awards there always seems to be one movie, one album or one person who wins a lot of awards. At the 2015 CCEMS Awards that was Joseph Wells who was chosen as In Charge Paramedic of the Year and Station Captain of the Year.

Hey, somebody give Lisa a boost!

IMG_2736That’s better. It appears that Mr. Creektastic is also very supportive of the Clinical Department. Lisa is standing on his back.


Back to Joseph Wells….on top of the two awards, he also received a shiny new field supervisor badge.


 The only award winner of the night who was asked by the crowd to make a speech was Jimmy Obalua, because everyone knows he’s hilarious. He’s also Attendant of the Year for 2015.



First Responder of the Year for 2015 was James Burton, who recently volunteered to help flood victims in Orange, Texas.

Turning to the Communications Center, the 2015 Dispatcher of the Year Award went to Nicky Spitzenberger.


The Com Center Leadership Award went to Ellis Earls.


The Volunteer of the Year Award went to Nat Turner.



There was a tie for the Servant Leader Award, so duplicate awards go to receptionist Teresa Black who does way more than her title reveals.


…and Service Technician John Molinari. That presentation led to the Best Photo Bomb of the 2016 Ceremony by John’s Boss, Tony Ghourley.


The Award for Field Supervisor of the Year went to Mike Brown and the Best Overall Performance Award was collected on behalf Medic 51 by Station Captain Jason Stewart who, by the way, also played an important role in saving the life of a certain Public Information Officer.

By the way, Station 52 came in second. That means that Stations 1 & 2 were 1 & 2. I believe that qualifies as irony.

Thanks to all of the Award Recipients for your dedicated service to the community. We are proud you are part of the Cypress Creek Family.