Well, Mr. Traffic Cone. Do You Feel Lucky?

Thursday, December 3rd, was cone killer day when the medics in the latest new hire academy learns the skill that will earn them the title they will grow to detest……Ambulance Driver.

New Hire Driving 001No cones were actually killed, but some came very close.

New Hire Driving 003 Crop


New Hire Driving 003 Close up

OOPS Close Up

In these lessons, scraping a cone is the real world equivalent of scraping the side of someone’s car or hitting an apartment gate. And, of course, it’s much better to make  mistakes in training than in the real world.

It’s a skill that must be mastered before hitting the streets, as is serving as the “backer” and helping your partner back into parking spaces, station bays, etc. without hitting anything.

The new hire academy consists of 14 EMT’s and 5 Paramedics, including seven from our most recent EMT-B and and one from the Paramedic class. Two of the EMTs, Sandi Villarreal and Alexandra Snider, were featured earlier this year in a story on how our scholarship fund is used. Read more about them and how we raise funds to help deserving students here.

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