Off Road Rescue (Watch Video)

On Thursday, November 5th, 19 year old Riley Murrow was doing something he loves to do. He was riding his dirt bike in the woods along Cypress Creek near his parents’ home. But, this day would be different. Ryan’s bike slipped in the mud and flipped over breaking his ankle. Cypress Creek Medics, Ponderosa Firefighters and Ryan’s Parents were able to reach him on foot, but the area where the accident occurred was not accessible for an ambulance.

So, Cypress Creek EMS brought out a different kind of ambulance. Our UTV ambulance, which was transported to the site on a special trailer donated to the CCEMS Bike Medic Team earlier this year.


Photo by Vaughan Miller


Photo by Vaughan Miller

Check out this video of the UTV ambulance bringing Ryan out of the woods to a waiting ambulance. AND, please hang on until the end of the video when we also help Ryan’s dad load the dirt bike onto his truck. NOW, THAT’S SERVICE.

HD Video

CCEMS Personnel who were on site were: Jason Stewart – Paramedic, Brandon Hope – Paramedic, Joe Kiff – District Supervisor,  Vaughan Miller – District Supervisor
Amanda Damrell – EMT, Emily Belcher- EMT Student,  and Norm Uhl – PIO.

Low Resolution Video


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  1. Cypress Creek EMS doing what it does best… rescue and improvising where it is needed. Of course, you have to give a hand to not just Cypress Creek but Ponderosa VFD as well. I am sure they worked shoulder to shoulder

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