How to Donate Ambulance Animals

CyFair Animal DonationEvery time we feature a donation of stuffed animals here on our news page and on social media, we get questions from others wanting to help as well. Obviously, it’s scary for a kid to be sick or injured enough to end up in an ambulance. Being able to give a child a brand new stuffed animal can bring considerable comfort to them.

Here are the answers to  your most frequent questions.

Do you need more stuffed animals? Yes, we can always use more.

How Many? As many as possible. We operate 18 ambulances, so if you were to donate 36 you might think that’s a lot, but it’s only two for each unit.

Can I donate gently used stuffed animals? No. We frequently handle cases where a child is having a severe allergic reaction and we don’t want to make it worse. A used toy might be carrying pollen, cat dander or another allergen.

Are there any others specifications? Yes. We cannot accept animals with button noses, eyes, mouths. etc., because that could be a choking hazard. Look for animals with embroidered eyes, noses and mouths.

AND, Please put the animals in individual zip-loc bags. Here’s an example.

Bagged CyFair AnimalsOrganizations such as the Cypress Fairbanks Association of Retired Employees (Cy-FARE) include a message for the kids who receive the animals.

CyFare Card

CyFair DonationsCropped

Teresa Black (CCEMS) and Martha Steele (Cy-FARE)

The Cy-FARE folks are pros at this, because they have been doing this as a service project for several years. They have figured out where to buy animals that do not pose a choking hazard. Here’s a clue to where they did their most recent shopping.

IMG_1220For more information call 281-378-0800 or contact our Community Relations Manager Holly Pichette by email at

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