Wren Nealy named “National Tactical Officer of the Year”

CCEMS Special Ops Director Wren Nealy teaching Tactical Medic Class

Wren Nealy teaching Tactical Medic Class

Wren Nealy, Cypress Creek EMS’ Special Operations Director, has been named National Tactical EMS Officer of the Year by the National Tactical Officers Association.

Wren Award Crop

The award was presented on September 3, 2015 in Salt Lake City, Utah at the NTOA annual conference.

Wren was instrumental in starting both the Bike Medic Team and the Tactical EMS team at Cypress Creek EMS, some of the first such teams in the country. He is also a certified instructor who teaches at the two Tactical EMS Training Sessions held at CCEMS each year. Officers attend from all over the country and, indeed, all over the world.

Len and Wren

EPD Officer Lenny Reed and Wren Nealy

Wren was nominated for the national honor by Officer Lenny Reed with the Evansville Police Department, who attended at the award presentation. The following is the actual nomination submitted by Officer Reed.

Wren Nealy Jr. is a certified Paramedic and Licensed Peace Officer in the State of Texas. Wren is the Director of Special Operations for Cypress Creek EMS (CCEMS) and serves the Waller County Sheriff’s Office as a Lieutenant and former Assistant SWAT Commander, where he developed the department’s first SWAT Team and Bike Team. In 2005, Wren was commissioned as a Special Agent of the Louisiana State Police. Wren has 21 years of experience as a 911 paramedic and 17 years of experience in law enforcement. Wren has 12 years of experience in SWAT operations and has worked in field supervision, and administrative positions in both disciplines. Wren was appointed to the International Police Mountain Bike Association Board of Directors in 2012. Wren is an instructor certified by the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement , International Police Mountain Bike Association, TASER Intl., SAFARILAND Inc., and National Association of EMT’s PHTLS/TCCC. Wren is the Commander of the Cypress Creek EMS Tactical Medic Team and the Bike Medic Response Team. CCEMS provides tactical operational medical support to various local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies. Wren serves as the program director for the CCEMS Tactical Operational Medical Support training program, training tactical medics from across the country and abroad. He has developed several specialized training programs for public safety. Wren is an accomplished author and public speaker on EMS Special Operations and Emergency Preparedness, presenting at state and national conferences. Wren is a former member of the Editorial Board for Texas EMS Magazine, Co-Chair of the Public Safety Committee for the Northwest Chamber of Commerce, and most recently appointed to the National Tactical Officers Association TEMS Council as a Section Chair. Wren leveraged his professional experience and knowledge to form Triple Threat Solutions to provide training, consulting and support services to public safety agencies with a focus on surviving high threat incidents.

Wren provides strong leadership, superior performance, critical thinking, and a functional application of tactical theories, tactics, and principles. Wren provides exceptional clinical care to the members of his community. Wren utilizes his training and life experiences to educate other public safety workers and prepare them to be able to do the same. Since 1994, Wren has been training Police, Fire and Ems at the Basic Tactical Operators Medic Support course. During this time, Wren has been instrumental in training over 3,000 public safety first responders. Since 2004, Wren has trained over 1400 Police, Fire and EMS first responders through his partnership with the International Police Mountain Bike Association.

Wren has been instrumental in the growth & development of over 4,500 Police, Fire and EMS first responders for the past 21 years. Wren has shown a dedication to his community, the State of Texas by demonstrating exceptional achievement and a genuine commitment to all first responders. Wren is self-motivated, a problem solver and readily demonstrates his creative thinking, leadership and customer service.
Wren’s impact across the United States and Canada is hard to quantify. Wren has been instrumental in teaching and training thousands of instructor candidates which have been a force multiplier, spreading this knowledge to an undetermined number of students. In the January issue of the Hoosier Responder, Josh Kreigh, the IDHS Emergency Medical Services training Manager stated, “Training personnel have learned that realistic training gives the best opportunity for students to become proficient in their skills. “ Josh is another example of a student who attended Cypress Creek Basic Tactical Operator Medic Support Course. Joshua took the training he received from Wren and Cypress Creek back to Indiana and since has trained the Capitol Police, the Indiana State Police and assisted Evansville Police in teaching at the Southwestern Indiana Law Enforcement Academy.

In 2011, Officers from the Evansville Police Department attended the Basic Tactical Operation Support Course. Upon our return we started to implement the concepts within our tactical EMS team. Due to this training provided by Wren and Cypress Creek EMS, EPD Officers were able to train their entire 285 man department. Over the course of the next two years, 13 citizen’s lives were saved utilizing the training learned by Wren and Cypress Creek Ems.

In 2011, Evansville Police Officer Ryan Winters and Officer Lenny Reed called upon Wren and his 21 years of training expertise. Officers asked Wren if he would speak to Indiana State Representative Wendy McNamara and assist us in writing House Bill 1111. When asked to assist, Wren did not hesitate to provide his knowledge, education and his extensive years of training and experience during the writing of HB 1111. Wren assisted, not to make money, but because he wanted to help others. Wren’s direct input was utilized resulting in House Bill 1111 being written. In 2012, Wren was asked if he would testify before the Indiana House of Representatives. Wren immediately made travel arraignments and soon was on his way to the State of Indiana from Houston, Texas. Wren provided expert testimony that resulted in a unanimous decision in favor of passing the bill.

(Note: HB111 allowed for trained tactical EMTs to perform lifesaving medical interventions for which they have been certified. The existing law at time covered that for Paramedics, but not EMTs)

In 2013, House Bill 1111 was signed into law by Governor Mike Pence. Because of Wren’s direct assistance in the passing of this bill it is uncertain the number of lives that will be saved in the State of Indiana. Since the passing of this law, Wren was called upon again to provide his leadership, his commitment to public safety and his medical training knowledge to assist Indiana State experts in writing the education requirements for the Tactical Medic law. Wren lives by his philosophy of being an extension to others, to provide strong communication skills, teamwork, and consistent delivery of training which reflects realistic situations and the safety of the officer, medic and fire fighter is essential to positive outcomes. It is evident that Wren has the heart, passion and drive to make every police officer, fire fighter, and EMS provider a better responder and more importantly a better person. Because of his direct leadership and passion to help others, we have worked hard to bring his level of training to the State of Indiana. Wren’s commitment to train, his selflessness, and professionalism, speak volumes of his character and his leadership style. It is my honor and privilege to nominate Wren Nealy for the 2015 NTOA Tactical EMS Award. -Officer Lenny Reed-

The NTOA conference was also attended by CCEMS Tactical EMS Officer and Instructor Bobby Sellers.

Bobby and Wren

Bobby Sellers and Wren Nealy

The following is a video of the award presentation. While the picture isn’t the greatest, the sound is very clear. Check it out.

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