Someone is Always Watching

……And this time that someone was a citizen who was impressed to see a Cypress Creek EMS Paramedic stop and toss a football with some neighborhood kids.

Medic throwing football  ISO of Medic throwing football

Unbeknownst to the medic, the citizen took a several pictures and sent them to us with the following email message:

“Just wanted to send you all a few pics of one of your medics. Not sure who he is but, as I was driving through a neighborhood the other day I came across one of your medics out of the ambulance playing football with a minority group of kids. I stopped close by and watched they all laughed and joked, the kids were having a ball with him. It was extremely hot outside and he stayed professional and in uniform and played with all the kids up until it appeared they caught a call. This was phenomenal to see and I hope this medic gets the recognition he deserves.”

Our sincere thanks to the sender. We sent Paramedic Cody Short a copy of your email and your pictures. Obviously, he wasn’t looking for recognition and had no idea anyone was watching or taking pictures. This was just a case of Cody being Cody and a reminder to everyone in uniform that someone is always watching.

Football Medic wide shot Football Medic 1

Cody is a great example of Cypress Creek’s continuing commitment to our community as we celebrate 40 years of service.

6 thoughts on “Someone is Always Watching

  1. I am the EMS Coordinator for Houston Northwest Hospital that is located close to 1960 and 45. Cody works close to our area and frequently brings patients to my hospital. He is one of the best paramedics I have been blessed to work with and we love seeing his smiling face day to day. I’m glad to see that he is setting an example for his peers in the community. We love you Cody. Keep up the good work. Way to go Cypress Creek EMS!!!

  2. That’s the Cypress Creek I know. I worked there a long time ago. Moved to Ohio. Great job Cody!

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