Tactical Medic Training is a Gas, Gas, Gas

Law Enforcement Officers , Medics and Doctors from all over the country are receiving Tactical Medic training in a week long course put on by the Cypress Creek Tactical Medic Team.

Put your gas mask on

The drills are very realistic including having to work in an enclosed space filled with CS gas.

Tactical Medic Training 040

The students have to assess patient conditions and successfully triage patients in order of medical need in order to leave the gas house.  Then, right before the door is opened they have to take off their masks and breathe in the gas.

Tactical Medic Training 047

In a real life law enforcement situation they may very well end up treating patients and continuing to work in an environment where tear gas has been deployed. Today, they found out how that is going to feel.

Tactical Medic Training 045Tactical Medic Training 050Tactical Medic Training 044Tactical Medic Training 048

Also, in the real world, their patients are probably not going to be easily accessible and may not even be at ground level.  In one drill, students had to climb up to and enter a third floor window to get to their patients.

Tactical Medic Training 016

Since 2000, the Cypress Creek EMS Tactical Medic Team has been sharing its vast knowledge of tactical medicine with other first responders. Our training program, which is held twice a year, has drawn law enforcement and medical professionals from all over the world including Germany, Italy, Spain, Mexico, New Zealand and Canada. In fact, ours is the only Tactical EMS Training that is officially approved by the Canadian government.

In our most recent week-long class, students have been telling us that the CCEMS Tactical Medic Training is the “most comprehensive they’ve ever experienced.”  The K-9 medicine component of our training is an excellent example.

Of course, our training is based on experience. CCEMS began putting together its Tactical Medic Team in 1994. It was the first such team in the Greater Houston area and, we believe, the first in Texas.

Our Team assists local, state and federal law enforcement in high risk operations such as serving felony warrants on suspects believed to be armed. The team is also deployed for active shooter and hostage situations.


CCEMS Tactical Team members are both certified medics and certified police officers who can deliver medical care on the front lines at the “point of wounding,” while engaging armed suspects and extracting the injured. The team members call it, “Bringing Good Medicine to Bad Places.”

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